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Trojon supply all types of chainmesh, from top and bottom rail to heavy duty government spec. The mesh diameter is available in a standard 2.5 up to 3.5 Heavy Duty, with a Double Galvanized option for salt affected regions.
With our chainmesh produced in Darwin, we have the ability to supply custom orders overnight.

Standard Heights

Standard heights are 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800.

Custom Heights

Custom sizes between 600 and 3200 available.


All heights and styles are available in Galvanized, Green or Black PVC Mesh.
4mm Spot Welded Galvanized Mesh also available. Virtually unclimable and extremely hard to cut.

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Specific Requirements

Along with residential fencing, Trojon also specialize in building custom mesh cages and internal barriers for commercial and Government situations where security and anti-personnel barriers are required.

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Customers can choose from a variety of styles or have custom designs manufactured and powder coated in Darwin. All of our Tubular Fences are manufactured to pass local government pool specifications. Trojon has a large array of powder coated colours readily available.

Variety of Styles

Jabiru Tubular Fence


Custom Spear Tubular Fence

Custom Spear

Flat Top Tubular Fence

Flat Top

Barra Tubular Fence


Croc Tubular Fence


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Trojon supply Colorbond fencing to suit your need. The Quality "Stratco" Good Neighbour Colorbond set between Powder Coated Duragalv posts is a popular choice where privacy and security is required.
Our Self Certification for Colorbond fencing reduces the cost of time and money.

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Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing offers the peace of mind and security of a pool fence without the visible barrier. Glass pool fencing can be attached to a variety of surfaces including timber, concrete and finish tile.

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Stainless Steel Cables

Trojon's stainless steel cable is a modern and versatile system. Virtually invisible and maintenance free, our stainless steel cable railing is engineered to be strong and durable. Stainless steel cables can be used where height and windload restrictions applies.

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Aluminium Slats

Whether vertical or horizontal, Aluminium slats are ideal for screening aircons, washlines, carports, smoking area, pool pumps, virtually any eyesore. Trojon Fencing has the ability to manufacture matching gates for your Aluminium slat setup.

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Automatic Gates

Trojon has the ability to custom manufacture manual and automatic gates to suit your exact need. We can supply gates to match any style fence.
For your commercial need, Trojon also supply Boom Gates for traffic control.

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Wallmark Fences

Wallmark acoustic panel fencing is a very cost effective solution for your noise reduction requirement. Wall panels are constructed from a very strong composite combination of Cement sheeting surrounding an Expanded Polystyrene core, creating excellent sound deadening properties.

Trojon Fencing offers the following Wallmark Products


Evowall modular fencing, ideal for residential sound control. Supporting posts are fabricated from strong rust proof aluminium. All panels can be finished with a variety of coatings & unlimited colours. Heavy duty posts are available for high risk winds and cyclone areas.

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Designed for urban sites such as parklands, commercial properties and residential premises, Urbandwall offers prestige styling. Wall panels are set between large pillar style posts and the user's choice of cappings. Both sturdy and stylish, Urbanwall has the appearance of a masonry wall.

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Designed for commercial and industrial applications, posts are contructed from high strenth steel and the composite panels are locked in place using boltless Centalok keys. Dunewall is customizable and can be engineered for special requirements such as dust control or acoustic protection.

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Railings and Barriers comes in many shapes and sizes. Trojon can custom build many styles railings, personnel barriers, bollards and street gaurdrails. Contact us now for more info on how we can provide the best solution for you.

Safety Gaurdrails

ARMCO Barriers allow for traffic containment and re-direction for out of control vehicles.

Trojon can custom build handrails and personnel barriers for specific needs.

Barriers used for vehicle and personnel protection.

Industrial size gates for large commercial vehicles.

Bollards used for specific OH&S purposes.

Custom manufactured bollards of any shapes and sizes.

Mesh cages for commercial and government situations.

Heavy duty anti-climb compounds.

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Street Furniture

Trojon Fencing Contractors supply and install a variety of strong, durable street furniture for both residential and commercial space. Our products range from park benches and picnic tables to bike stands and letter boxes.

Furniture Range

Aluminium Rubbish Can

Aluminium Rubbish Can

Bike Stands

Bike Stands

Free Standing Letter Box

Freestanding Letter Box

Steel Park Bench

Steel Park Bench

Custom Fitted Letter Box

Custom Fitted Letter Box

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